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Snow Mountain H20 Humidifier Small 250ml

NPR 1,999.00


Product description

Enhance the quality of your life with this remastered personal cool mist mini humidifier. The Snow Mountain Humidifier is a refined cool mist humidifier that offers so many benefits in a compact design device. ▶ Gorgeous
The premium blend of ABC plastic with our distinctive selection of vibrant colors makes the cool little mist humidifier a joy to watch. Its compact size makes it perfect for office desks, home desks, bedroom tables.

▶ Super versatile.
– Use as a quiet air mist humidifier on demand
– Refresh your senses
– The light from the top of the humidifier could be your night light at night.

▶ Feel better, live healthier
Better mood, reduced allergies, more relaxed times, skin protection, and more restful sleep are just some of the many benefits that this mini silent humidifier can bring to your life.


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