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S1 PRO UV disinfection box for 1min fast sterilization, 350mAh battery for 50 times use per charge

1. Material: ABS + PC.
2. Sizes: 200*41*111mm. Weight: 303g.
3. Internal space size: 100*21*177mm.
4. USB interface: Micro-USB 5pin.
5. UVCLED: 240mW * 4. Sterilization time: 1 minute.
6. Rated power: about 1.8W. UV range: 250-285nm.
7. Power input: 5V / 0.5-2A. Battery: built-in lithium battery 3.7V.
8. The battery capacity is 350mAh. Charging time: 0.5h.
9. The number of cycles – 50 times. The time of use: about 15-20 days.


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